Since the 1970’s, generations of music lovers have seen Electronic Music Culture rise and fall in the mainstream media. In recent years, Electronic Music popularity has surpassed all other genre’s of music, becoming the “New Rock & Roll”.

Forty years of creativity and innovation from leading Electronic Music Pioneers have influenced much of today’s Pop Music and can be felt across the full musical spectrum.

From the Invention of the Electronic Keyboard to the Warehouse Scene in Chicago, Legendary Nights in Ibiza to European Raves, Electronic Music Culture has come full circle and is now bigger than ever.

Electronic Music Culture rules the entertainment world with epic attendance and popularity of Live Events, Music festivals, Nightclubs, and Music Downloads.


The EMHOF recognizes the contributions and achievements of men and women who have influenced the significance and advancement of Electronic Music by inducting them into the Hall of Fame.

The Electronic Music Hall of Fame induction Ceremony is an industry focused annual event.

The Voting Academy

EMHOF Voting Academy members vote annually to nominate the inductees who have achieved the highest possible status within Electronic Music.

Key Categories Include DJ, Artist or Group, Record Label, Industry Pioneer, Event Promoter, Club Promoter, Nightclub, Radio Station, Radio DJ & Producer.